Our Story: Lauren and Ashley met three years ago and knew they were “life twins.” While Ashley is a real twin (with a boy) she had never met someone more like-minded in her whole life. It was common for Lauren and Ashley to say the same thing, wear the same thing (J. Crew on the reg) or do the same thing. They knew their friendship was a special one and that great things would come out of it. In 2016, Ashley started writing a book titled “Grit" and Lauren started planning out a blog called "GRIT Glam Grace.” Weird, right? As always, they found themselves on the same track in different cities. Seeing this as a sign, they chose to collaborate and thus GGG was born!

GGG - Ashley and Lauren

Lauren || Atlanta, GA
I got out of my comfort zone when I moved to Georgia from Connecticut. I love spending quality time with others, but at the end of the day, give me my quiet time and a good book. Comfy sweaters and “athleisure” clothes are my jam. I’m a health and wellness nut but like it all in balance. 

What GGG Means To Me
Grit: I’m a softy. While I always thought "grit" had to mean “tough,” I’ve realized that for me, it means standing for what I value. My values are integrity and love.

Glam: To me, glam = vitality. Nothing beats a good sweat sesh or green smoothie, a trip to the Whole Foods hot bar, or great conversation with girlfriends over a bottle (okay, maybe two) of wine.

Grace: The idea for GGG stemmed from my own need to seek out women who are navigating her 20's and also re-learning everything they “thought they knew.” My life ain't always graceful, y'all... but I'm committed to making space for grace!

Ashley || Dallas, TX
I’m a Chicago girl at heart, but find myself living in the South after going to school in Texas. I’m one of the more driven people you will ever meet and you haven’t met competitive till you have met me which fits really well with my job in sales. I love my friends and helping others. The world is a big place that needs exploring and I could get lost in a book for hours. Jesus is my Lord and savior and I feel called to leave this world a better place than I found it.

What GGG Means To Me
Grit: To me, grit is getting through any and every challenge. We were meant to be pushed to the limits. I like to prove others wrong who tell me I can’t.

Glam: I have a "passion for fashion" as they say. I love clothes, I love traveling (okay, more like I have an insatiable wanderlust) and I love to accessorize. Shoes and coats are my current obsessions.

Grace: In the end, Grace wins. See people for who they are, live authentically and serve others.

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