Lauren | Bucket List

My bucket list is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan, of Design Darling. It's a cross between a to do list and a bucket list, with 101 things to accomplish in 1,001 days (almost three years!). 

As of December 2016, 57/101 completed!

Follow me as I cross off each of these and share my journey!

  1. Reconnect with an old teacher or professor: June 2015, January 2016
  2. Go two weeks without eating out to a restaurant
  3. Go one month without shopping
  4. Volunteer for a cause I am passionate about: September 2016
  5. Read 10 new books (10/10): The Body Book, The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, #GirlBoss, Big Magic, The Art of Tidying Up, The War of Art, The Power of Now, The Soul of Money, The Power of Vulnerability
  6. Go to bed every night at 9 p.m. for two weeks
  7. Wake up at 5 a.m. every day for two weeks
  8. Unplug completely for 24 hours (internet, iPhone, TV, etc.): October 2015
  9. Practice yoga every day for two weeks
  10. Donate $50 to a cause I am passionate about: March 2016, March of Dimes
  11. Scrutinize my closet and donate clothes I never wear: January 2015
  12. Visit Connecticut: May 2015
  13. Visit friends in Boston: May 2015
  14. Visit friends in New York
  15. Mail a care package to both siblings
  16. Send flowers to my grandmothers out of the blue
  17. Make 3 recipes from Grandma Hopkins’ cookbook (2/3): French Apple Pie, M&M Cookies
  18. Give 5 “just because” gifts (2/5): Hayley's West Elm bag, Heather's housewarming gift
  19. Send my parents on a trip
  20. Try 15 new restaurants in Atlanta (15/15): Vine & Tap, McKinnon’s, Varasano’s, Lotta Frutta, Sundial, El Felix, Five Seasons, Smokebelly, Pho 24, Le Bilboquet, Optimist, Rosa Mexicano, Paris Baguette, The Southern Gentleman, TomTom, Superica
  21. Have a Christmas tree in my apartment: December 2015
  22. Run the Peachtree Road Race: July 2015
  23. Go to a shooting range
  24. Travel to a new state: April 2015 Colorado
  25. Travel to a new country: June 2016 Mexico
  26. Visit Grandma Hopkins in New Mexico
  27. Take a trip with my girlfriends: June 2016 Mexico
  28. Take a trip with Mom and Abbey
  29. Go antique-ing at the Brimfield Fair
  30. Mountain weekend with Connor: April 2015
  31. Watch the sun rise: January 2015
  32. Have a spa day: March 2016, Exhale Spa Atlanta
  33. See an SEC football game
  34. See an NFL football game: November 2015
  35. Go to a Red Sox game
  36. Get a professional blowout: December 2015
  37. Run 8 road races, at least 4 10K races (5/8): February 2015 Run to Love 5K, Peachtree 10K July 2015, Turkey Trot 5K November 2015, Peachtree 10K July 2016, November 2016 Turkey Trot 5K
  38. Call an old friend every week for a month: January 2016
  39. Try one out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise class: June 2015
  40. Revive my old camera and spend the day taking pictures
  41. Take an art class
  42. Finish decorating my apartment: June 2015
  43. Print my favorite photos and frame them: May 2015
  44. Go to a fancy Sunday brunch: January 2016 Le Bilboquet
  45. Find a church that I like in Atlanta
  46. Take a cooking class: May 2015
  47. Run in 5 different states (3/5): Connecticut, Texas, Georgia
  48. Visit a new continent
  49. Move out of Buckhead: August 2016
  50. Go on a fitness retreat: June 2016 Cancun
  51. Try a new activity that I have never done before: June 2015
  52. Start collecting something
  53. Take a nutrition class
  54. Create a work-at-home desk area for my apartment: September 2016
  55. Spend a week in Maine during the summer
  56. Visit with a career coach: December 2015
  57. Invest at least $500 in stocks: 2016
  58. Hike in 3 new places (3/3): Rocky Mountain National Park April 2015, Fort Mountain October 2015, Red Mountain April 2016
  59. Go to the Iron Bowl
  60. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  61. See a NASCAR race
  62. Make someone I love breakfast in bed: July 2015
  63. Sleep outside under the stars: October 2015
  64. Clean out my computer and upgrade the software: November 2015, September 2016
  65. Take a trip with Abbey and Mac 
  66. Plan a romantic full day date 
  67. Buy someone a gift “just because”
  68. Bake someone a birthday cake: July 2015
  69. Treat a stranger to his or her coffee
  70. Pay off my car loan: February 2016
  71. Learn how to bake a pie from scratch: January 2016
  72. Go into a Tiffany’s jewelry store
  73. Forgo alcohol completely for one month: February 2016
  74. Fill an address book with personal information and birthdays
  75. Run a half marathon
  76. Update my resume and have it critiqued by a professional: January 2016
  77. Stop using any social media for one month: February 2015
  78. Take a hot yoga class: June 2015
  79. Purchase and play a round of golf with Dad at a nice golf course
  80. Go skiing up north
  81. Create a new annual tradition
  82. Prepare and have a picnic at the park
  83. Take an interesting class at a community college
  84. Take a trip alone
  85. Participate in a service trip
  86. Visit a national park: April 2015
  87. Start a lifestyle blog: January 2016
  88. Write a letter to myself that I will open on my 30th birthday: March 2016
  89. Find a mentor and be a mentor
  90. Swim in the ocean at night
  91. Go one month without Starbucks: August 2015
  92. Save enough money to put a down payment on my first home
  93. Attend a networking event: August 2015
  94. Learn the basics of every major practiced religion: Buddhism, Hinduism
  95. Send someone snail mail just because: April 2015
  96. Save $5 for every goal accomplished: December 2016
  97. Walk 10,000 steps a day for two weeks: June 2015
  98. Get engaged to the man of my dreams: June 2016
  99. Successfully do an unassisted pull-up
  100. Have a movie marathon day: March 2015
  101. Create a new 101 in 1001 list