A 2 Minute Read For Anyone Wondering If She Is "Enough"

Sweet friend, 

Hi! I’m glad you wonder this, too. It is an honor to write you a short letter with my thoughts on this question us women often have.

I want to acknowledge your commitment to finding purpose and place. To be thinking about the future tells me that you’re out to make a difference in the world and be GREAT. It makes me proud to know there are other women thinking about those things. You are in good company.

I also want to acknowledge you for your responsibility. Whether your contribution to the world is through your education and knowledge, your bubbly personality, your career… It takes something to be responsible for what you give in to the world.

What do we do when we are so concerned about the future, wondering if we are enough, and so naturally responsible? We do what us girls do best; we race around to do everything, and be everything, to everyone.

A little exhausting, right?

I've been there. Just like you, I am motivated and driven, and that is a POSITIVE trait to have and rare to find.

It also comes with it’s challenges when we let that motivation turn into overwhelm. I’ve found myself wondering, “Am I making my mark on the world? What else can I do? Who else can I make an impact on?” You may have had those thoughts, too.

Photo by Laura Anne Watson, lauraannewatson.com

Photo by Laura Anne Watson, lauraannewatson.com

I am here to remind you, from one woman to another, that you are enough. You are brave. You are heard. Your voice matters. In each moment, you are perfect and exactly where you ought to be.


Because life doesn’t throw anything our way that we can’t handle, and every moment is a new opportunity to love ourselves.

You are kind, beautiful, loving and smart. My invitation to you is to acknowledge yourself for the things that your loved ones describe you as. Ask them what those things are, and then continue to love yourself as you so wonderfully love others.

Wherever you are in your day, your week, your life: I am proud of you and sending you lots of smiles and love.