A Letter To My Self On My 25th Birthday


It’s overwhelming to me that 25 years have gone by. Standing where you are, I remember you having a lot of questions and feeling the need to know every answer (Read: Last week).

“Where will I be living in a few years?”
“What will I be doing as my career?”
“When will I be married and how do I ‘know’ he’s the ‘one?’”
“What am I eating for dinner tonight?”
“What will I accomplish in my life?”
“Who will be my closest friends?”
“What wonders will I experience in the world?”
“Will I have an impact on others?”
“What failures will I endure? What hardships?"

I get that these are all important things to be asking. They shape your identity and sense of self.


All of these things, these “what if” scenarios, these fears: They will do nothing but limit you in being fully present in each moment. And THAT is the key to take on a powerful, impactful life! In fact, all of the moments that have gone by will add up to right NOW, where you will be able to create anything you want to for your self and the world.

Thus, my three top tips for living that I’d like to share with you as you journey into the next 25 years.

1. There is no difference between you and an other so long as you are fully here in each moment.

Doesn’t that open up so much power and humility all at once? You get to say who you get to be in the world (hello, power!) AND you are one of seven billion (hello, humility!). Make your presence count for something bigger than your self.

2. Speaking of… This journey is not about you.

Shocking, right?!  Yesterday’s transformation is today’s ego trip. Appreciate the view, be grateful… and then keep climbing and bring others with you. You are climbing a mountain with no top and everyone gets to enjoy the view.

3. The world is listening for your speaking.

Give the world a voice! What you speak and say is important. What does the world need? What does each interaction with another person need? As soon as you receive, give away and give a way.

You will contribute in ways you never could have imagined, accumulate feelings of pain, joy, fear, confusion, lust, laughter, pride, closeness. You will be afraid and understand fear as a tangible feeling… only to realize the next moment you’re fear is coming from something that is not right NOW. Completely made up in that mind of yours.

Who could you be if you let go of fear?

Sometimes I wonder if you will have regrets when you look back at 50. As I’ve been writing, I am so pleasantly surprised to feel a deep sense of acceptance in what “is.” Why? Because you have grown into a woman who accepts herself now, today, in this moment… How could I possibly wish for anything else to have happened in your first 25 years? How could any of your choices be a reflection of anything other than what you listened for?

You will have times when all you listen for is yourself – in the most selfish, greedy, condescending of ways possible (not a great look, but lucky for you, I am forgiving!). Aim for moments when you are purely selfless in the world for others, and for moments when your needs are second to those of others. That is where magic will happen! You’ll explore, create, strive, uncover, relate, cherish.


Put others before you because they ARE a direct reflection of you, your love, and what you put into the world.

So, dearest ME!

What I wish for you is exactly nothing and everything.

Nothing more or less than what is in this very moment, because this moment is perfect! When it is perfect and complete in the moment, there is nothing, or “no thing”… the perfect canvas to create anything.

You are 25 years young and it is perfect.