Don't Settle

I was reading an article the other day that said right now is the best time in history to be a woman. As women, we have more opportunities than ever before. Never before have there been as many women doctors, politicians, executives, scientists, mothers, activists, or students. The world is literally at our fingertips and there are very few things we cannot do. There were a lot of brave women before us who fought tooth and nail to get us where we are now.

Why are we settling? If those who worked hard for women’s rights saw your life, what would they say?

Why are so many of us stuck in jobs that are beneath us? Why don’t we ask for the raise or promotion like our male counterparts do? Why don’t we feel free to share our ideas as our male counterparts do?

Why are we in dead end relationships? Where is the love Allie and Noah had in the Notebook, that made for each other love deep in your bones? Why are people STILL in abusive relationships? Why can’t we stand up for ourselves and our needs?

Why do we let society tell us how we should live? Why don’t we do the things that scare us? Why don’t we take the opportunities in front of us? Why are we afraid to blaze a trail?

I want this to stop.

Growing up a twin, I was always competing with someone for something: who got the best present, highest test score, longer hug from Mom or best position on a team. Not only was I always competing, but I was competing with a boy. My patents or brother never let me settle for second best and always pushed me to do my best. I could not be more thankful as it taught me to never settle for anything.

As I got older and moved out of the house, I realized not everyone was raised this way and settling seemed to be a way of life, especially for women.

Regardless of the conditions we are raised in or our past experiences, I believe that women can truly be ANYTHING we want to be if we work hard enough. Stand in the Hall of Fame, be a hero, get the world to know your name, fight like hell for what you want and follow your dreams. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone or anything ever tell you that you can’t do something because YOU can. Don’t ever settle.

If this message inspires you or resonates with you at all, take a look at everything in your life and see what you might be settling for. It might be small (not taking enough time for yourself) or it might be large (ending a relationship you know isn't good for you). 

I encourage you to evaluate and take a stand to one thing you are settling on. One thing you can change and make better for yourself.

Identification is only the beginning. The next step is to make a change. It's scary because it truly takes something to give up the payoff we get from settling. Consider that there is some element of payoff from "staying the course" or "playing a small game"  or "settling." If there wasn't, would we be having this conversation? Of course not! There would be no settling!

With every payoff, there is a huge cost. Sometimes settling is costing us our health, wellbeing, sense of fulfillment in life, our schedules, our relationships. What is it for you? THAT is what you are playing for. There's the big game!

We believe in you.

No more putting it off! It's your turn, today, to believe in yourself and make the shift in your life that you've been waiting for.