Practicing Gratitude: A Guide to Sunshine through the Storms

We have so much to be grateful for.

No matter what your week has been like, what life has thrown our way, or the struggles we face internally; we have something to be thankful for. We are alive, we have access to technology and we have time to read this post! That in itself is something to be thankful for. Our society has trained us to think we need more, we need the latest style, we need the newest technology: more more more. The more we feel you lack, the unhappier we get.

Have you ever taken a moment to sit back, presence yourself to all you have, and just BE in the bliss of gratitude?

I didn’t either, until I got a 5-year memory book for my birthday.

There is a space to write a few lines everyday. Instead of just memories I decided to write the best part of my day on those lines, almost like a gratitude journal. What started out as a chore is now one of my favorite things to do before I go to bed! I love to think back over the day and find those gem moments. Sometimes it is small: I got to read a book tonight, I got a compliment on my outfit, I had a great hair day or my lunch was delicious. Sometimes it is big: my best friend got engaged, I made a new friend at work or I got a promotion. After writing in my memory book, I also try to take a moment to thank God for the great day that I had before falling asleep.

And I always have a great day, regardless of all the bad, terrible things that might have happened in a day! I can always find two or three good things that happened. When I focus on the good things instead of the crappy things that happened, I sleep better, wake up happier and learn to appreciate the little things in the crazy, fast paced world we live in. Not to mention, it’s so fun to read back and see what the best parts of my day were one year ago. It gives me the opportunity to witness my own growth instead of comparing myself to the latest Instagram feed. 

You don’t have to get a fancy journal; I encourage you to try writing down something every day that you are thankful for and see how your mood changes. If you’re not hooked on the writing piece, try taking a few quiet moments to presence yourself to what you are thankful for.

If I know anything about our GGG community, it’s that we have so much going for us. Your potential is so abundant! Realizing and acknowledging it will give us all access to a happier life by appreciating the sunshine through the storms.