The Moment I Realized I Didn't Know My Passion

"What are you passionate about?"

No, not “What do you love to do?” but “What are you passionate about?"

What does your soul crave? What makes you feel alive? That’s the question I struggle with. We have grown up in a society that told us we could be anything we wanted to be or do anything we wanted to do since we were little. You might not have any athletic ability but you were told if you work hard, you too could be a professional athlete.

Is that really attainable? Do we really need to give every kid on the team a trophy? Did we really earn all those gold stars?

Social media has only made this worse as we grew up. With things like Pinterest, you too could DIY. The only problem is, if you are anything like me, when I make the recipe, decorate the bathroom, paint the picture or do calligraphy on the mug... no matter how hard I try it never turns out quite like the picture (#PinterestFail). 

We're also are inundated with perfect, edited pictures of women doing fun, cool things all the time and long to do them ourselves. What we don’t know is that while they have a beautiful picture on the beach with a surf board, they may have never gotten up on a wave. All we see is the picture and the caption "Best Day Ever! #ilovesurfing." With all the calligraphy classes, macaron-baking classes, photography seminars and running clubs, we are further promoting the idea that anyone can do anything.

I just don’t know if that’s true anymore. Not to mention, I don’t have unlimited time to try.

Is there anything wrong with finding what I have natural abilities for and actually enjoy those and sticking to them? What is wrong with only doing a few activities? I am terrible at running, can’t bake a pie and really struggle with calligraphy; so what?! In our over-scheduled and over-stimulated bubbles, we are told we can no longer just be in one club with one hobby.

At this point you might be thinking, “So what if people are over involved these days? So what if people are okay at a lot of things but not great at most? What’s the harm?" The harm I see is that we’re all left craving our soul’s passion. Books, blogs (us included!), workshops all preach that they’ll help us find our one passion.

Few of us find our passion, God given talents, or purpose for being: the one thing we were meant to do, meant to love.

When talking with a friend over coffee, I realized I have a full life, filled with great friends, fun organizations, hobbies and clubs. But I am constantly stressed and juggling a busy schedule. I really like everything I am doing and don’t know what I would take out to get back some sanity.

She then told me to drop the things I wasn’t passionate about, and that got me panicked, realizing I don’t know my passions.

Do you?

I know what I like to do, I know what I am good at, but what do I live for? What keeps me up at night and pushes me the wake up each day? If I could only do three things for the rest of my life, what would they be?

That’s when I realized our society, while great in so many ways is lacking one thing that is preventing people from truly living, PASSION.

Coming Soon: Part Two!