Get Inspired: Our Book Recommendations

We are book nerds. There are so many great ones we have read lately that we want to share them all with you!

Here are our favorites; click each book to be directed to GGG's Amazon Affiliate page. Get reading, gals!

The King Maker: Tony Bridewell

This was a very quick read. It was one of the better leadership books Ashley has read in that it wasn’t a list of principles and why they were important, but rather illustrated these principles though story and example. I will remember these much more than any list I would have read. The King Maker is a great reminder of what is important in leadership and how hard it is to stay away from what isn’t: money, greed, power, selfish gain.

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Nicholas D. Kristof

Half the Sky is of the most inspiring books that we have ever read. Each chapter focuses on a different oppression or struggle women are facing all around the world. It tells you about the cause, what people are doing to stop it and how you can get involved. It opened my eyes to the terrors women face all over the world and made me that much more thankful that I have as much freedom as I do. This is a must read for anyone who is socially conscious or wants to know more about how they can #GiveBack.

Love Does, Bob Goff

This book has a separate story in each chapter and explores the different ways that people go above and beyond through incredible acts of love. It is a feel good book about humankind and invites you to re-evaluate the way you are treating others and what acts of love you can give to the world around you. This was one of the most life-changing books Ashley has ever read!

Me Before You, Jojo Moyes

This is a book about love, disability, finding joy and living for others. When Louisa Clark takes over as the primary caregiver for Will Traynor, her life forever changes for the better as she makes it her mission to give Will a life worth living. This book is throught-provoking and eye-opening; be sure to keep the tissues nearby. Strongly recommend for a good quick read.

All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

This book follows the life of Marie–Laure, a blind girl in the time of WWII. While she is not Jewish, she finds herself on the run with her father and has to find a way to adapt to ever-changing scenery while not being able to see anything. Beautifully written book and a great story.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo

This book was exactly as the title suggests: Life changing! We both read this book recently and were impressed with the great tips on how to keep our lives free of extra junk we don’t need and keep a tidy home. Lauren used just about every tip, including emptying her entire closet onto the floor in her living room so she could pick up every article of clothing to see if it “sparked joy” for her.

The final product! Absolutely loving my new apartment through Marie Kondo's method!

The final product! Absolutely loving my new apartment through Marie Kondo's method!

The same thing goes for buying new things and bringing them into our living space. We found that once we read this book, shopping was so much more intentional and we were spending money only on things that made our home truly happy. Ashley was able to go through her apartment belongings and get rid of what she didn’t need to live a tidier life. 

Are we still messy? Duh. But this book brought about a certain fresh perspective to our homes and how living spaces affect our day to day lives, moods and productivity. Lauren has gifted this book to a few friends, and since you grit gals are our friends too, get readin'!  

Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari

If you have ever heard Aziz Ansari, you know he is hilarious. In his book he explores the wonderful world of modern romance and dating. Everything from dating apps, to texting, to sexting, to the shifts in dating trends... all with a comedic spin. While hilarious, this book also has great information, insights and tips. For example, it talks about how we might be waiting longer to get married than our parents (looking for the perfect soulmate), but we also are marrying people we have a deep connection with rather than just someone convenient who would probably make a good spouse or just someone our parents like. If you have a grandparent or relative always asking, "When are you going to get married? Isn't there anyone you can date?" then this is a great book to read! This hilarious read is also for those happily married and dating!

Sarah’s Key, Tatiana de Rosnay

Sarah's Key is an intense story of a 10-year-old Jewish girl whose family is brutally arrested during the Vel’ d’Hiv’ roundup. Before leaving the apartment, Sarah locks her younger brother in a cupboard thinking she will be home soon. This book is her fight to get back to free her brother and modern day search by Julia, a journalist, to figure out what happened to Sarah and her brother. This book is tear-jerking and incredibly real in the way it evokes the sense of turmoil and confusion and sadness during the Holocaust.

 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Joanna Weaver

This book looks at the craziness of the world and teaches us how we can be content, present, at peace, and spend time with God and others while the world around us demands a busy way of being and that we always be on the chase for more. This book was such a good reminder of the importance of slowing down to reflect and just be, versus having to do it all in a world that forces us to think that is normal.

The Invention of Wings, Sue Monk Kidd

This book follows the life of slave Handful “Hetty” and the family's white daughter, Sarah Grimke. Sarah was given Hetty on Sarah's 11th birthday. This book is based on historical facts and shows the everyday life of slaves and slave owners in historic Charleston. The writing is phenomenal; it is so easy to read and beautifully captures what life was like at the time. This is an intriguing read that is sad and hopeful at the same time. 

The Quiet Game / Natchez Burning / The Bone Tree

Penn Cage series, Greg Isles

This series follows the life of Penn Cage, former Houston District Attorney turned author, who moves back to his hometown in Nachez, Mississippi to discover secrets the town has kept hidden for years. These books, while long, have everything: mystery, suspense, romance, historical fiction and a great story! Greg Isles magically sets up the plot to include seemingly frivolous details that later become a huge part of the plot. Not to mention, he is such a detail-oriented writer, which is what makes his writing so good! I feel smarter from reading his books. You cannot put them down.